Saturday, 26 April 2014

The Bullets of Mild Vandalism

Hand drawn, painted, pasted and stuck. 
Some are beautiful 
Some are ugly
Some took hours
Some took seconds
Some are funny
Some definitely aren't
Minimal to garish
Abstract to obtuse
Made by many hands
This is vandalism at it's mildest
The nicest form of tagging
A'body's an artist
Make your own 
Get involved

Follow @MildVandals on twitter.
Find these on the streets and post a picture using #MildVandals 

Welcome to Mild Vandals International. 

The project was instigated in Leith, Scotland by me in October, 2013.

The aim of the project is to create small original works of art that are disseminated for free around the world and hung in a public space. 

- Each work is unique. No multiples.

- Each work is created on a luggage or parcel tag. 
- There are currently tags waiting to go up in Leith, Glasgow, Hanoi, Los Angeles and Karlsruhe. 
- Participants can legitimately call themselves 'taggers' once they have taken part. This is a much nicer and softer form of vandalism then firing up a big chrome burner that pisses everyone off. 

- Tags should be produced in communal settings, get some people round, get some pens out and rattle out a few. I recommend these events are lubricated with the poison of your choice. Alcohol does the trick here but I understand the urge some may have towards other more inhalable substances. Whatever floats your boat.

- Each tag is unsigned by the artist but has the words ‪#‎MildVandals‬ scrawled on the back.

- subject matter is up to you. from patterns to politicians, slogans to sloths, draw what you like. The act of taking part is mildly subversive but feel free to push the content in anyway that suits you and your location. Obviously nothing racist/sexist/homophobic. Always pissing up never down. Truth to power etc etc...

- Work must be hung in public.

- Each piece hung in public must be photographed and sent to or @MildVandals on twitter or posted on any social media platforms that you use using #MildVandals

Much love 

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